Our Product Gallery

Products and Jewellery Design

  • Design, 3D Printing on envisiontech rapid prototype machine
  • Fine jewellery design, 3D print, wax mould, cast and setting of precious stones
  • Blank bars and finished products in silver and gold


  • State of the art environmentally friendly refining plant for all precious metals Rated ISO: 9001 2008 • ISO: 12100, EN 60204-1
  • Fine gold and silver after refining process is completed
  • Gold and Silver sponge before smelting into solid state
  • Neutralising plant ISO: 9001 certified


  • Melting precious metals for the casting process
  • Precious metal being poured into graphite crucible
  • Precious metals in kiln for melting


  • Corporate wings, die and stamped samples
  • Blanks stamped out of rolled silver
  • Our minting presses
  • Close up 100gram die
  • Corporate medals and medallions in African rosewood presentation box
  • Finished minted coin for European client
  • Process from design to finished product
  • Process from design to finished products
  • Fine gold and silver bars and dies
  • Selection of different 2 and 3-dimensional custom dies for local and international markets
  • Close up of 38mm 1 ounce die
  • Stamping blanks on one of our multiple company presses
  • 100gsm Silver blanks stamped from rolled sheet
  • Custom dies manufactured for European company


  • Smelting furnaces
  • Precious metal wire and plate reducing roller
  • Close up of reducing of silver plate material for coin production
  • Precious metal jewellery finishing machine
  • Our quality goldsmith manufacturing a wide variety of hand-made and cast jewellery
  • 3D Printer produces high quality masters for casting of jewellery
  • Assaying evaluation of purity for precious metals
  • Silicon mould wax injection process